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Body language in Flirt & Romance

Webinar Bodylanguage in flirt & romance

Human relationships are one of the most challenging aspects of life for everyone. For many of us, the most important and difficult to fulfil desire in life is that of finding a partner to grow and share love with.


Body language is the key to understanding hidden attitudes and feelings. People instantly react to events whether they want to or not and these automatic reactions "leak" information about our most secret feelings, even those we want to hide.


By being able to read body language, we are able to get a glimpse of the sometimes shocking hidden reality.


This webinar is a fantastic opportunity to learn the body language in the context of Flirt and Romance. For over one hour our lecturers expertly analyze more than 20 pictures of different couples in everyday life. We concentrate on the body signs of flirting, romance, stability and impending break-up while also speaking in depth about the psychology of love.


Join us now in this fascinating journey through the human mind, body and heart in the most important topic in life - love.

Why watch the Webinar "Body language in Flirt & Romance"?

  • Improve your knowleadge of body language

  • Distinguish between "reality" and "your imagination"

  • Read his/her hidden thoughts

  • Find a partner who fits best with you

  • Be sure that he/she really likes you

  • Be more succseful in human realtions in everday life - at your workplace, in your family circle and in your love life.


Take a look at the sample parts of the webinar  and at the hole Webinar "Body language in Flirt & Romance" for FREE below!

Ülli Kukumägi, The author of the book "Body language in Flirt & Romance" (alias Julia Brook) has 25 years of management experience in various business fields. For the last 5 years she has been training and advising patients as a hypnotherapist.  The main topics of her trainings are verbal and non-verbal communication, the art of influence,  sociopathic behaviors and false identification.

She was the Best Lecturer of Tallinn Conferences in 2011, 2012, 2013 and has a long-term practice of public speaking at conferences, seminars and on television.

    At the moment she is working on her next book about the nonverbal signals of sociopaths and how to recognize the signs of lying.

 “Our body and subconscious mind reacts first, then follows attitude and after that we act,“ says Ülli.


Jonathan Kalman is our co-speaker who leads you through the exciting world of body language in flirt and romance. He is the author of the book: Just This Inner Presence - the adventure of a lifetime, and he teaches meditation and energy psychology methods helping people remove the obstacles to inner freedom.

Our bodies respond and always showing our inner feelings.

If we can "read"  body language, we can see a person's true feelings.

What is our counterpart's body language telling us?

Are his/her feelings sincere or not?

Below is the


" Body language in Flirt & Romance" for FREE!

Ejoy it!

Curious about Julia Brook's ebook "Body language in Flirt & Romance"?


Find out why it is useful for all of us who desire to love and be loved!


Read more about the book HERE

Webinar Bodylanguage in flirt & romance
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